What to do in the garden in September

Sow poppies during September for a bright display next year.
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The weather may have cooled, but September is time to start your garden clean-up. Check out Van Meuwen’s top garden jobs for September.

Plant and Flowers

Don’t put your hanging baskets away when the summer ends.
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  • September is a good time to plant new herbaceous perennials as the soil is still warm but the weather is wetter. For more advice on planting perennial plants take a look at our article.
  • It may seem a long way off but now is the time to think about which spring bulbs and perennial plants you would like for your garden next year. Order now ready for autumn planting.
  • Now is the time to autumn-sow hardy annuals such as cornflowers, poppies and Love-in-a-mist for a bumper display early next summer.
  • Plant up your winter hanging baskets and other winter containers between now and October. Buy winter-flowering pansies for a cheerful sight during the colder months.

Fruit and Veg

Stop your pumpkins rotting this year with a simple job.
Image source: Krzysztof Slusarczyk
  • Cut the foliage off your maincrop potatoes at ground level about 3 weeks before you harvest them. This prevents blight spores infecting the tubers when they are lifted.
  • If you’re growing pumpkins and squashes this year make sure you place them on a piece of wood or slate to prevent them rotting.
  • If you haven’t already, cut back any fruited raspberry canes on your summer raspberries. Tie in the new green canes to support wires or fencing.
  • Tidy up around your strawberry plants, removing dead leaves and old straw. This improves air circulation and reduces the risk of pests and diseases building up.
  • Keep an eye on your fruit trees and remove any rotting fruits as these may spread disease.

Garden Maintenance

  • If you have clay soil, now is the best time to improve it before it becomes too wet or frozen. Incorporate organic matter such as well-rotted manure or compost to break up the soil and improve drainage.
  • As the weather becomes cooler, sow lawn seed or lay new turf. During dry periods make sure you water new lawns well. You can also start carrying out autumn lawn care by aerating your lawn with a garden fork, raking thatch from the surface and repairing bare patches.
  • Create compost bins ready to collect fallen leaves and dead plant material this autumn.

Do you have any other gardening jobs for September? Let us know in the comments below, or share them with us over on our Facebook page.

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    1. Hello. You can cut down the deciduous grasses back. Evergreen grasses are best just combed through with your fingers, but do wear gloves as they can be surprisingly sharp!

  1. I have patio apple and plum trees, when do I prune them and how tall should they grow.

  2. I got grape vine red Bonsai 15cm plant
    It’s been growing frm june now it looks as if it’s dying to me,most of the leaves r gone,how can i review it back
    have i put less water to it or what?

    1. Hello
      It’s very hard to say what has gone wrong without more information. I have now referred your query to our customer care dept. who will be in touch shortly.

  3. I have a problem with my patio Rose bushes and the leaves have dropped off leaving just stems and rose buds

    1. Roses do drop their leaves naturally in autumn, however this is quite early so it would usually indicate that the plant is suffering in some way. Take a look at the leaves. Are they covered in a pest, or a disease like black spot? This may be the cause. Equally its worth checking the soil conditions. Has the plant suffered from drought? Is it waterlogged? By examining the growing conditions you may be able to figure out what the problem is.

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