Win a beautiful date palm!

We’ve got 5 stunning Canary Island Date Palms to giveaway
Featured: Phoenix Palm

Want the chance to win this beautiful Canary Island Date Palm? Tell us what you think about Van Meuwen and we’ll enter you into a prize draw to win one of these magnificent trees.*

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And to show our thanks, we’ll enter you into our prize draw to win one of five Canary Island Date Palms.

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The survey will take around ten minutes to complete and is further down this page. To be eligible for the prize draw, please complete the survey by Sunday 14th October 2018

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* Customers who complete Van Meuwen’s online customer survey before 14th October 2018 will be entered into a prize draw for the chance to win one of five Canary Island Date Palms. Entries are limited to one per customer.

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24 thoughts on “Win a beautiful date palm!”

  1. Dear Sirs,
    I’m a pensioner and try my best to have my garden looking, first class, each year on the money I have available from my OAP Pension. Unfortunately, due to severe arthritis, I’m unable to work in my garden as much as I would like, so use the help of my neighbour who charges me but he isn’t very professional and this year ruined my Canary Island Date Palms by accident by putting a great deal of weed killer around the base of both of them, well that was his excuse anyway Grrrrrrr
    Therefore if I’m lucky enough to win one from you in your competition, I would be extremely happy.
    Kind regards
    Mr Lionel Harwood.

  2. Of the three garden plant suppliers, I have settled on vanmeuwen as the most reliable. Delivery and condition of plants, plugs and bulbs is always first class. Problems are dealt with immediately and with honesty.

  3. When I redid my garden to attaract butterfly and bees the plants I ordered from Van Meuwen were perfect and so healthy and this year the whole garden is flourishing with wildlife visiting and it’s a real pleasure to sit and admire .

  4. I find the service and quality of plants superb, but the cost is even better compared to some of the other top plant suppliers I have previously used . I will not be changing supplier again .

  5. I would love to win a date palm to add to my garden. It would definitely be a beautiful addition and something that I hadn’t normally have thought of buying. I look forward to the outcome of the draw.

  6. I have had plants from van meuwen for a couple of years and never had any problems the plant’s always arrive healthy and always kept informed of the delivery to win the date palm plant would be the icing on the cake

    1. Can’t fault van meuwen in any way their chose of plants and they always arrive healthy I would recommend them

  7. Reliable service, fast delivery and well packed. Value for money is exceptional. I always look forward to your mail.

  8. I am not the best person when it comes to having green fingers, but I try my best. I love having lots of pots in the garden filled with lots of colour especially seeing daffodils and crocus at Easter time.

  9. Good quality and reliable delivery as standard. Any problem rectified quickly. Van Meuwen offers good value.

  10. Palms remind me of days when we could afford to go on holiday. With bringing up children being expensive and the cost of living going up and jobs not giving pay rises now we find it hard to make ends meet. I would love to have a spectacular garden with a palm to pretend I am back on holiday! We’ve got a paddling pool for the kids we can fill up with water, bingo!!!

  11. I am always in awe of all the wonderful, beautiful and stunning flowers and plants you have available. I am hopefully going to start developing my garden next year and I am looking forward to selecting some amazing flower from your company.
    Love & hugs
    Penny Xxxxxxx

  12. I had almost all my flowers from Van Meuwen last year which attracted a lot of bees and butterfly’s and also won Birmingham in bloom competition [Erdington ward ] front garden. I have an even bigger display and variety this year and waiting for results.

  13. We’ve recently started changing our garden to attract more wildlife. We’ve recently Bought plants from Van Meuwen and will do so again for this latest project that will use palms for the back of borders.


  14. Due to arthritis I have started to install oak sleeper raised beds to replace the existing beds on my bungalows large garden plot (100’ x 50’) and have ordered loads of bulbs and started to grow on a greenhouse full of Alstromeria ready for planting out when the compost/topsoil mix arrives. I bought the alstromeria from Van Meuwen Aug/Sept time and they are thriving. Such vigorous growth I have to pot on every month or so. I love cut flowers especially perennials and scented blooms so I will be looking to replace all my pinks soon. Perennials bought from Van Meuwen have formed large clumps so when lifting existing plants it’s time to divide the clumps. I have to grow a mean echinacea (cone flower) as it is one of the favourite treats for my house rabbit- cure all remedy for bunnies and a lot of ailments for humans too. I have 2 patios to decorate, one of which is sheltered and been the home of two beautiful Acers (to the border) a pale green and vivid maroon right in front of the patio window to the lounge. The other end of this patio is the patio window from the master bedroom and is looking in need of a focal point, something like a date palm would certainly do the trick.

  15. My Van Meuwen delivery driver is great…makes sure all my plants/bulbs are handed to me in tip-top condition, and with a smile.
    Products have been perfect, very happy with my purchases and also the advice given prior to buying. Thank you.

  16. What better way of remembering lots of great holidays in The Canary Islands, than to look into the garden on a rainy day and see such a beautiful palm

  17. I buy and plant essential things – useful things – money saving plants and seeds, apple trees, rhubarb plants, onion sets and carrot and cabbage seeds. Something like a date palm, although beautiful, is an unneccesary item – a luxury item, – something I would love but will never spend the money on. Winning one is the only way I will ever own one.

  18. service during pandemic has been dreadful, not even the decency to reply to my emails, plants ordered still not arrived a month after expected delivery sadly a very poor experience and when the plants did arrive some were in a shocking state ,rather have a garden full of weeds than order from Van Muewen

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